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PANKICHI-KEN 2 : Gyoza Hat

PANKICHI-KEN 2: Gyoza Hat (E)

PANKICHI-KEN 2 : Gyoza Hat

One day, Gyoza Otoko asked Shu-kun why his is always wearing his misterious hat?

Shu-kun is very, very agitated by his respectable teacher, Gyoza Otoko's casual remark.

How will he get over this situation?




Gyoza Otoko : Shu kun, why are you always wearing Shumai hat?

Don't you like Gyoza Dumplings?

One day, Gyoza otoko made a casual remark regarding Shu-kun's hat, which undeniably bears a resemblance to another type of Chinese Dim Sum - i.e. Shumai.

Shu-kun : That's definitely not the case! I seriously love Gyoza Dumplings!

Shu-kun, whose dream is to become a fully fledged Gyoza Chef like Gyoza Otoko, is very agitated by his respectable teacher's remark.

Shu-kun : So, I made a Gyoza hat.

It seems Shu-kun is very good with his hands.

Believe or not, he has made a Gyoza hat!

Pankichi : Stop it. Now you two are so confusing.

It seems all settled, but only Pankichi is not very happy about this development.


Pankichi-Ken : 2 Gyosa Hat (J)

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