PANKICHI-KEN 34 : Pao the pancake - New Career?

PANKICHI-KEN 34 : Pao the pancake - New Career? Mr Burger - a friend of Gyoza-otoko and a proprietor of a burger shop - sometimes drops by at Pankichi-ken to have a chat with Gyoza-otoko. Pao the pancake looks very interested in Mr Burger, hoping maybe he could be useful at his burger shop? バーガー君は、ギョーザ男のお友達で、近所のハンバーガーショップのオーナー。 時々ギョーザ男とおしゃべりしに、ぱん吉軒に遊びに来ます。 パオくん、どうやらバーガー君が気になるようす。 バーガー君のお店でなら、パオくん、何か役に立てるかもしれない? Mr Burger sometimes drops by kitchen at Pankichi-ken. Mr Burger is a hamburger himself and also, a proprietor of a burger shop near Pankichi-ken. Mr Burger : Then, Mr Daifuku said that... Gyoza Otoko : Hahaha Mr Burger is a good friend of Gyoza-otoko, who is a dumpling himself and als

PANKICHI-KEN 33 : Delivery Box No. 2

PANKICHI-KEN 33 : Delivery Box No. 2 Pankichi-Ken takes delivery orders for local customers situated within 500m radius, (i.e. 7 minutes walk by Shu-kun, as Pankichi-ken does not have a bicycle for delivery due to Pankichi's policy) Though Shu-kun is the only delivery boy at the restaurant, they have 2 delivery box called No.1 and No.2. Why? Because, Pankichi-Ken is a Chinese Restaurant, which means the food they deliver is quite hot (in temperature). Delivery boxes endure the heat during the delivery, so they will need some rest after a mission. That's was the reason why they bought 2 delivery boxes, rather than 1. However, it seems delivery Box No.2 has got quite a strong personality and d

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