PANKICHI-KEN 7 : Delivery Boxes

PANKICHI-KEN 7 : Delivery Boxes Delivery Boxes, No 1 and No 2. Pankichi-ken takes delivery orders too. So, these a little bit old-fashioned delivery boxes are working very hard! By the way, Shu-kun does all the legwork. 出前くんたち。 ぱん吉軒は、けっこう出前があるのです。 ちょっと懐かしい感じがする出前くんたちは、 ぱん吉軒をささえるべく毎日がんばってます。 ちなみに、出前持ちはシュウくんです。 Delivery Boxes, No 1 and No 2. Pankichi-ken has 2 a little bit old fashioned delivery boxes, and they are named No. 1 and No. 2 No 1 is on a mission. Today, No. 1 is on a delivery mission. But as you can see, he is sweating. Shu-kun : Thank you for your order. Here you go, STEAMED DUMPLINGS! Mission completed! They have delivered the order, STEAMED DUMPLINGS, to the customer! But look,

PANKICHI-KEN 6 : Ren Kosugi

PANKICHI-KEN 6 : Ren Kosugi Ren Kosugi A man who loves China Spoons. But, what on earth can you do with Chine spoons other than eating Chinese food? レン小杉。 レンゲをこよなく愛する男。 でもレンゲって、モノを食べるのに使う以外に、使い道あったっけ? Ren Kosugi A man who loves China Spoons. Ren Kosugi, a man who loves China Spoons, is holding one of his beloved China Spoons. What on earth is he up to? He has invented a new game, "China Spoon Darts". Oh! He has thrown the China Spoon! Yes, as he loves China Spoons so much, he has invented a new game in which he can use China Spoons - that is "China Spoon Darts" Chie: What are you aiming at? Ren: That is.. But, what is he aiming at? Chie san asked a question. Unlike the small arrows used

PANKICHI-KEN 5 : Steamer Fairy

PANKICHI-KEN 5 : Steamer Fairy Steamer Fairy. The hidden sous-chef of Pankichi-Ken. Their skills are quite something. But, it is not something for us to see. It is something for us to taste, only! セイロの精。 ぱん吉軒のかくれた匠。 さて、彼らはどんな具合に匠なのか、是非とも仕事ぶりを拝見したいのですが、 なかなかそうは、問屋がおろさない。 彼らの仕事ぶりは、味で確認するしかないようです。 Steamer Fairy. The hidden sous-chef of this restaurant. They deftly control the vapour in the steamer, resulting in perfect dumplings (Gyoza). Pankichi : (Sneaking...) Steamer : (Shut!) Pankichi is quietly approaching the steamer, but the steamer shuts. Pankichi: (abruptly open the steamer: OPEN!) ------ But, still difficult to catch them. They must have been there, but they are very elusive. Go b

PANKICHI-KEN 4 : Mr Ra (aka Mr Chili Oil)

PANKICHI-KEN 4 : Mr Ra (aka Mr Chili Oil) Mr Ra is a bottle of Chili Oil, and is always angry. A vert difficult, stubborn old man. However, he is not the worst trouble-maker in Pidan Alley. There is a more troublesome person than him in PANKICHI-KEN. ラー油のラーさんは、いつも怒ってます。 扱いにくい、ガンコじじい。でも、そんな彼にも受難の相が。 上には上がいるって事です。 Mr Ra. aka Mr Chili Oil. Mr Ra : USE CHILI OIL MORE! STILL SOME LEFT! JUST PUT IT IN YOUR FOOD! Mr Ra is always angry. Always shouting, telling people to use more Chili Oil. He gets agitated when some Chili Oil are still left in him at night. Mr Ra : STILL THIS MUTCH LEFT!! At night, especially when some more Chili Oil are left in this bottle, he gets more and more angry, nearly pa

PANKICHI-KEN 3 : Shacho-san's Dream

PANKICHI-KEN 3 : Shacho-san's Dream Shacho-san (AKA Managing Director) is one of regular customers at PANKICHI-KEN. He is drunk and fast asleep. It seems he is dreaming. What is his dream like? Let's have a look at it. ぱん吉軒の常連、社長。 酔っぱらって、気持ちよさそうに就寝中。 どんな夢をみてるのでしょうか?ちょっとのぞいて見てみましょう。 Shacho-san is dreaming. It seems Shacho-san (AKA Managing Director) had a little bit too much drink. He has fallen asleep at the table in PANKICHI-KEN. Hurray!!! JACKPOT! OMG! He's hit a JACKPOT in his dream! I've made a company! Hurray, I am a Managing Director! On the proceed, he has established a company and become a Managing Director! Pankichi : So, actually, you are not a Managing Director, after all. Shacho-

PANKICHI-KEN 2 : Gyoza Hat

PANKICHI-KEN 2 : Gyoza Hat One day, Gyoza Otoko asked Shu-kun why his is always wearing his misterious hat? Shu-kun is very, very agitated by his respectable teacher, Gyoza Otoko's casual remark. How will he get over this situation? シュウくん、どうしてそんなボウシなの? 尊敬するギョーザ男のなにげない一言に、あせりまくるシュウくん。 さて、シュウくんはこの難局をどうやって乗り越えるのか? Gyoza Otoko : Shu kun, why are you always wearing Shumai hat? Don't you like Gyoza Dumplings? One day, Gyoza otoko made a casual remark regarding Shu-kun's hat, which undeniably bears a resemblance to another type of Chinese Dim Sum - i.e. Shumai. Shu-kun : That's definitely not the case! I seriously love Gyoza Dumplings! Shu-kun, whose dream is to become a fully fledged Gyoza Chef li

PANKICHI-KEN 1: Gyoza Suit

PANKICHI-KEN 1: Gyoza Suit Gyoza Otoko - the head chef of PANKICHI-KEN His specialty is, of course, Gyoza (Dumplings). He cooks Gyoza every day. By the say, there is a rumour that Gyoza Otoko is wearing a Gyoza Suit. Is the rumour true? One day, Pankichi discovers something rather disturbing.. ギョーザ男。ぱん吉軒のヘッドシェフ。 得意料理は、もちろんギョーザ。 毎日ギョーザ作ってます。 そんな彼には、ギョーザスーツを着ているのではないかという 不穏な噂がながれている。 その噂は本当なのか? Pankichi: Thank you for your hard work, today. Gyoza Otoko: Likewise. One day, after close of business at Pankichi-ken, the head chef, Gyoza Otoko, and the owner, Pankichi, are thanking each other for the hard work of the day. Gyosa Otoko: May I take a bath before you? Pankichi: Go ahead. Gyoza otoko de

July 2018 - Summer has come in Japan and the UK (maybe some other places, too :P)

July. Summer Holiday! In Japan, School will be closed for Summer Holiday from 20th July to end of August. Because it is too hot to study. However, life is not that easy. There will be lots of homework... "Rather then doing it alone, let's do it together so we can finish it quicker!" Pidans gathered to do homework together. At the end of the day, Pidans like congregating. 7月。7月と言えば、日本では夏休み。 7月20日から8月の終わりまで、日本では学校がお休みになるのです。 だって暑すぎて、勉強どころではないからねえ。 とは言え、宿題はあるのですよ。 「一人より、皆でやったらすぐ片づくさ~。」 ピータンたちは、集合して皆で一緒に宿題をやってます。 ピータンは集合するのが好きなのです。 In Japan, we celebrate "Star Festival" It is a Romantic Evening when Star Princess and Star Prince, who were forced to live far apart from from each other, can meet i

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