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PANKICHI-KEN 31 : Mr Shark-Fin

PANKICHI-KEN 31 : Mr Shark-Fin

Pankichi-ken is a humble Chinese Restaurant specialised in Dumplings and their main target audience are local residents. So, expensive Chinese delicacies, such as Pidan or Shark Fin, are not really sold there. However, for unknown reason, Pankichi-ken does have such expensive ingredients in stock in their store.

A Shark-Fin, one of such expensive ingredients, is the only Shark-Fin stored in the kitchen and he is sick and tired of the loneliness.

ぱん吉軒は、つつましい立ち食いギョーザ屋さんで、主な客層はご近所さんの住民です。 なので、ピータンやフカヒレのような高級食材はメニューにないのです。 しかしながら、何故かぱん吉軒の倉庫には、そんあ高級食材がストックされています。




Fukahire-san (Mr Shark-Fin) is in a deep thoughts..

Fukahire-san, a.k.a. Mr Shark Fin is the only Shark-Fin stored in Pankichi-Ken.

If he was a loner or a hermit, it would be an ideal environment.

However, unfortunately, he is nor a loner nor a hermit.

Mr Shark Fin: If I am not dried any more, maybe I can find a companion?

After all, you wouldn't want to make friends with someone so dry, would you?

He is sick and tired of the loneliness and trying to figure out a way to get out of this situation.

Mr Shark Fin went into the water...

OMG! He jumped into the water!

You know, dried Shark-Fin needs to be soaked in water before being cooked.

Pankichi : Unfortunately, we are not planning to use you

even though you are not dried anymore...

Pankichi does not have any intention to add Shark-Fin to the menu.

Poor Shark-Fin. He has just been rescued from the water and will be dried again...


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