December 2018 - Happiness is...

Happiness is... Singing a Christmas carol together with old friends again. 今年も、みんな元気に集まって、そろって合唱できて良かったね。 Happiness is... Finding a lovely present under a tree on a Christmas morning. サンタさん、ピータンの事も覚えていてくれたんだあ。 Happiness is... A Christmas Party!!! Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! めりくり~。そして、よいお年を~! And then, on a New Years day... そして年が明けたら。。。 Happiness is... Taking alfresco hot spring bath on a very cold day. ピータンは、温泉タマゴならぬ温泉ピータンになるの。 #Calendar

PANKICHI-KEN 21 : Shu-kun's hat

PANKICHI-KEN 21 : Shu-kun's hat Shu-kun is an apprentice Gyoza-Dumpling maker at Pankichi-Ken. Even though his ambition is to become a Dumpling Chef like Gyoza-Otoko, the hat he is always wearing is "Shumai Hat". Once, his hat's resemblance to Shumai-Dumpling was mentioned by Gyoza-Otoko. So agitated, Shu-kun made a "Gyoza Hat". Unfortunately, however, the "Gyoza hat" was not well received by Pankichi, so he went back to his old "Shumai Hat". ぱん吉軒の見習いギョーザ職人、シュウくん。 ギョーザ職人見習いであるにも関わらず、かぶっているのはシューマイ帽。 ある日、ギョーザ男にそれを指摘されて あせったシュウくん、ギョーザ帽をかぶってみたりしたのですが ぱん吉に不評だったため、シューマイ帽に逆戻り。 Shu-kun's hat. Shu-kun is always wearing a hat of which resemblance to "Shumai" has once been mentioned by Gyoza-Otoko. Wha

PANKICHI-KEN 20 : Chie-san's small wish

PANKICHI-KEN 20 : Chie-san's small wish Chie-san. A part-time waiting staff at Pankichi-Ken. Also, an ex-OL* who was made redundant... Chie-san is enthusiastically reading something in her Coffee break, and Pankichi is curious about what she is reading Oh, her coffee break has finished and she has left what she has been reading on the floor - let's have a look! * OL : Office Lade - Japanese term for female office workers... チエさん。 ぱん吉軒でアルバイトしている、元リストラされたOLさん。 チエさん、休憩時間中に何かを熱心に読んでます。 ちょっと気になるぱん吉。 ああ!彼女の休憩時間が終わったようです。 チエさん、床に読んでた雑誌を置いていきました。 どれどれ、何を読んでたのかな? Coffee break. Durinf her coffee break, Chie-san is reading a magazine enthusiastically. Chie : (sigh...) Then, big sigh... It's time for he

PANKICHI-KEN 19 : Gyoza Otoko's small wish

PANKICHI-KEN 19 : Gyoza Otoko's small wish Gyoza Otoko ("Dumpling Man"), the Dumpling Master of Pankichi-Ken, is sleeping. Oh, it seems he is a side sleeper. He turns over, and sleeps on his side again. Another turning over, and sleep on his side again. Surely, he is a quite stubborn side sleeper, isn't he? ぱん吉軒のギョーザ職人、ギョーザ男は就寝中。 彼は、横向いて寝る派なのね。 あ。寝返りうった。でもまた横向いてる。 また寝返りうった。けど、またまた横向いてる。 かなり頑固に、横向いて寝るヒトやなあ。 Gyoza Otoko : zzz. Gyoza Otoko is sleeping on his right side... FLIP! Gyoza Otoko : zzz. He turned over! now he is sleeping on his left side. Gyoza Otoko : zzz. FLIP! Turned over again! Right side again! Gyoza Otoko : I wish if I could sleep on the back... FLIP! Gyoza Otoko's smal

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