Pidans playing cards

Muddy Pidan : Hi Pidan! Pidan Original : Hi.. Have I met you before Muddy Pidan : No. First time. Nice to you meet you! Pidan Original : You are, I mean, quite unusual colour... Muddy Pidan : Yes, I am Muddy Pidan. Our Illustrator, Manatee, decided to draw world's famous paintings with Pidans. She started with Paul Cézanne's "The Card Player". So, she draw me like this. Pidan Original : I see. But it's good colour. Muddy Pidan : She reproduced the painting quite accurately, didn't she? Of course, apart from us. We even have a bottle of red wine, which is our favourite drinks! Pidan Original : Yes, Indeed. By the way, is she planning to do something like this more? I mean, world's famous pai

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