November 2018 - November is the month all the Pidans get drunken!

November. The month when wine lovers receive the "preview wine" of the year's harvest from the Beaujolais region. When the Japanese economy was booming (from late 80's to early 90's), affluent people in Japan competed to get nice bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau as early as possible and through a lavish party to celebrate the new wine. Nowadays, as Japanese economy being rather quieter and young people becoming more humble, we don't see such craze any more? But, Pidans are wine lovers! November is the month all the Pidans get drunken! 11月と言えば、ボジョレー・ヌーボー。 バブル時代の日本は、ボジョレーで大騒ぎしてましたが、 最近は若者のアルコール離れもあって、下火になってきているのでしょうか? でも、ピータンはワインが大好き。 11月は呑んだくれる月なんですよ~。 And, November is a month for reading. Pidan

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