Tamao san

Tamao san - a mysterious person who works near Pankichi-Ken. Mr or Ms? That is the question. Only the Steamer Fairy knows. Japanese language is very handy in such situation. You can use "san" for both male and female. So, let's just call him/her "Tamao san". That's necessary and sufficient. #Tamaosan

Pao - the Pancake

Pao - A pancake, you know, the one you use to roll "Peking Duck". Fortunately or unfortunately, Pankichi-Ken does not serve "Peking Duck" or other dishes which require pancake wraps. So he will never be used (fortunately) and will be the only one pancake kept in Pankichi-Ken's stock (unfortunately), just like Just like Fukahire san (AKA Shark-Fin). Maybe out of the loneliness and the lack of confidence that he is not contributing to the society, he is almost suffering an identity crisis and makes all sort of effort to regain his confidence and meaning of life. Even he considers to take up a new job then realises if he takes up a new job, he will permanently lose his identity. His search for

Delivery Box No. 1 and No. 2

Pankichi-Ken - a Chinese Restaurant specialising in dumplings, where dishes are rotating on a belt conveyor and no chair for customers (except for one), so they enjoy the food and drinks standing, picking up what you want from the belt conveyor in a rather hectic environment. Good news, though. Pankichi-Ken accepts delivery orders! If you prefer enjoying Gyoza-otoko's glorious dumplings in a more relaxed environment, maybe sitting on a couch and watching television, that is a solution! Here, we have delivery Box No.1 and No. 2. They are working with Shun-kun on their delivery mission. They will deliver piping hot Chinese dish to your living room! Be careful, however, it seems No. 2 is a litt


Pidan Pidan, also known as Century eggs, preserved egg, hundred-year egg, thousand-year edd, black egg, etc. is one of Chinese delicacy, made by preserving duck, chickin or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash salt, quicklime and rice hulls or several weeks to several months. Most of (if not all) Chinese restaurants serve Pidan. Therefore, being a Chinese restaurant, Pankichi-Ken keeps some Pidans in stock, too. However, Pankichi-Ken's signature dish being Dumpling made by a glorious dumpling master Chef, Gyoza-otoko, Pidan sales at Pankichi-Ken is almost nil. Despite of this fact, somehow (maybe because Pankichi is fond of Pidans?), Pidans are regularly purchased by Pankichi-Ken and now Pid

Shu-kun, the apprentice

Shu-kun is an apprentice cook and whose dream is to be a full-fledged Gyoza-chef like Gyoza Otoko one day. Strangely, however, everybody who knows him cannot deny the similarity between his hat and Shumai. One day, Gyoza Otoko pointed out the fact and Shu-kun tried to change his fashion. But it was not very good idea, as Shu-kun does not look like Shu-kun without his Shumai hat... His hat is full of mysteries... bet we will find out more as the story goes on. By the way, his duty at Pankichi-Ken includes delivery. At the moment, this delivery duty is a pain to him, as he has to do it on foot because Pankichi-Ken does not own a bicycle. Pankichi is adamant that 2 wheels are not necessary,,, b

Fukahire san

AKA "Mr Shark-Fin". One of the very well-known ingredients of Chinese cuisine. He should be proud of himself being a Shark-Fin, one of the best and most expensive ingredients of Chinese cuisine. However, he is rather depressed as he is very lonely, staying at Pankichi-Ken. Yes, Pankichi-Ken is a Chinese restaurant, but it is not high-end expensive restaurant. It is rather a humble every-day eatery for ordinary people. Not being used often, he is the only Shark-Fin stock kept in the restaurant. That's why he is so lonely. He wants to be friends with other ingredients, but other ingredients come and go so quickly (freshness is very important), so he is always alone. Sometimes, he is not sure w

Steamer Fairy

Steamer Fairy. AKA Seiro-Fair (Chinese style steamers are called "Seiro" in Japanese. ) They are the hidden sous-chef of this restaurant. Without them, dumplings at Pankichi-Ken cannot be as good as they are. Steamer Fairies are very elusive and difficult to catch. Even a glimpse. They are everywhere, at the same time, they are nowhere. If you are lucky, you may be able to see them, some day. On the other hand, they might be watching you from somewhere without you realising it. Beware of Steamer Fairies! But don't worry, they are very good at keeping your secrets. #SteamerFairy

Bob Terada

Bob Terada - one of regular customers of Pankichi-Ken. He is one of those sales representatives who sell things by showing how to use the product in front of potential customers (you know, sometimes you see these sales representatives in a big supermarket or something..) He is not that bad sales representative, however, unfortunately, he doesn't have a luck with products. If only he was assigned to sell "selling products", such as "super strong detergent", "multi-purposes super convenient food processor", "Super-power vacume cleaner" or as such as such, he would be a No 1 sales representative! But that's life, isn't it? Don't worry, be happy! #BobTerada

Mr Hori - the Policeman

Mr Hori - A real policeman. Is it his destiny that he encountered Pankichi...? Mr Hori is a young, enthusiastic policeman who is newly stationed at the town where Pankichi-ken is situated. It was like a "falling in love at first sight" when he saw Pankichi for the first time... just, it was not really a "love", but an "insatiable appetite for finding out the truth". So, he starts his own investigation to find out who is Pankichi, and how come he is running a Chinese restaurant in the town, not knowing his "insatiable appetite for finding out the truth" will soon be replaced by an "insatiable appetite for dumplings". #PCHori

Gyoza Otoko

Gyoza Otoko - AKA "the Dumpling Man". The Head Chef of "Pankichi-Ken" Restaurnat. Pankichi suspects he is wearing a dumpling suit, but nobody, except for Gyoza Otoko himself, know the truth. Gyoza Otoko is a very good Chef and his dumplings are very popular amount the restaurant's regulars. So, actually, nobody cares if he is wearing a dumpling suit or not. He is a Dumpling Chef, so he is very determined that he should only cook dumplings. NO OTHER DISHES!!! But sometimes he looks quite tempted to cook Shumai. He is trying his best to resist the temptations. So we should pretend we are not aware of it. He is training Shu-kun, the apprentice and delivery boy at Pankichi-ken, to be his success

Mr Ra (Chili Oil)

Mr Ra is a bottle of Chili Oil. Chili Oil is called Rayu in Japan - that's where his name came from. However, Mr Ra's Chili Oil is rather Chinese style and is hand made by Gyoza Otoko, the head chef of Pankichi-ken. He is always angry, which is understandable considering that he keeps very hot chili oil in his stomach all the time. What will happen if his stomach becomes empty? As his Chilli Oil tastes so delicious, he suffers an unfortunate event. But hope he is OK! #MrRa

April 2018 - Happy Easter

In 2018, Easter Sunday falls on April Fools day! According to the information found on the Internet, Easter Sunday would be set on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox. So I assume Jesus resurrected on a Spring Sunday, when the day time and night time are more or less the same, and nearly full moon. 2018年4月。今年はイースターと、エイプリルフールが同じ日なのね。 イースターサンデーは、春分の日の次の満月の次の日曜日と定められるそうです。 つまり、ジーザスが復活したのは、日と夜の長さがほぼ同じで、ほぼ満月の、ある春の日曜日だったというわけですな。 As Pidans are originally eggs, they don't need to do dressing up, but some Pidans are very keen on party opportunities and dressing up an Bunnies! ピータンは、もともとタマゴなので変装する必要はないのですが、なんとなくウサギさんに変装してみました。 このヒトたちは、パリピです。 Some others

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