PANKICHI-KEN 23 : Means of Delivery - 2

21 Jan 2019




PANKICHI-KEN 23 : Means of Delivery - 2



Police Constable Hori is patrolling Pidan Alley.
Since his first encounter with Pankichi, he cannot get rid of
Pankichi-ken from his mind.

Without knowing himself, he found himself in front of Pankichi-ken.
There, he bumped into Shu-kun, who has just left the restaurant for a delivery....

On foot.




P.C. Hori is on patrol.


Having moved to Pidan Alley a while ago, P.C. Hori is now settlin.





Shu-kun : I'm going to a delivery.


He bumped into a delivery boy coming out from Pankichi-Ken,

a mysterious Chinese Restaurant which has kept bothering him...




Shu-kun stares at Policeman Hori.


Strangely enough, the boy stares at him,

though P.C. Hori doesn't think he knows this boy at all.



Shu-kun : I envy your 2-wheel cycle.


Oh. What this boy was staring was not him, but his bicycle.

This must be something to do with the fact this boy is going delivery on foot...