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Fukahire san

AKA "Mr Shark-Fin". One of the very well-known ingredients of Chinese cuisine.

He should be proud of himself being a Shark-Fin, one of the best and most expensive ingredients of Chinese cuisine. However, he is rather depressed as he is very lonely, staying at Pankichi-Ken.

Yes, Pankichi-Ken is a Chinese restaurant, but it is not high-end expensive restaurant. It is rather a humble every-day eatery for ordinary people.

Not being used often, he is the only Shark-Fin stock kept in the restaurant. That's why he is so lonely. He wants to be friends with other ingredients, but other ingredients come and go so quickly (freshness is very important), so he is always alone.

Sometimes, he is not sure what he wants.

Does he want friends or does he want to be used?

Unfortunately, it looks Pankichi has no intention to use him, so his suffering will continue...

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