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Gyoza Otoko

Gyoza Otoko - AKA "the Dumpling Man". The Head Chef of "Pankichi-Ken" Restaurnat.

Pankichi suspects he is wearing a dumpling suit, but nobody, except for Gyoza Otoko himself, know the truth.

Gyoza Otoko is a very good Chef and his dumplings are very popular amount the restaurant's regulars. So, actually, nobody cares if he is wearing a dumpling suit or not.

He is a Dumpling Chef, so he is very determined that he should only cook dumplings.

NO OTHER DISHES!!! But sometimes he looks quite tempted to cook Shumai. He is trying his best to resist the temptations. So we should pretend we are not aware of it.

He is training Shu-kun, the apprentice and delivery boy at Pankichi-ken, to be his successor. Though Shu-kun is very enthusiastic boy, Gyosa Otoko cannot hide his worries about the hat Shu-kun is wearing all the time..

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