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PANKICHI-KEN 21 : Shu-kun's hat

PANKICHI-KEN 21 : Shu-kun's hat

Shu-kun is an apprentice Gyoza-Dumpling maker at Pankichi-Ken.

Even though his ambition is to become a Dumpling Chef like Gyoza-Otoko,

the hat he is always wearing is "Shumai Hat".

So agitated, Shu-kun made a "Gyoza Hat".

Unfortunately, however, the "Gyoza hat" was not well received by Pankichi,

so he went back to his old "Shumai Hat".





Shu-kun's hat.

Shu-kun is always wearing a hat of which resemblance to "Shumai" has once been mentioned by Gyoza-Otoko.

What on the earth is this round thing on the top?

On top of the hat in question, something round is sitting.

What is that?

Everybody is so curious.

Let's touch it while he is sleeping.

Chie : Oh. It's just normal.

Pankichi : That's disappointing.

Let's try touching it!

Yes. Chie-san is the brave one. She volunteered to do the job.

What was her verdict?

Disappointingly, it just feels like a normal, mediocre "round thing"...



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