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PANKICHI-KEN 11 : Pao the Pancake

PANKICHI-KEN 11 : Pao the Pancake

Shark Fin (Futkahire-san) is all alone and feeling lonely.

Then, someone who is white and circular shape has come to speak to him.

Who are you?

Dumpling Wrapper? Sprint Roll Paper?

There are a lot of white and circular objects in Chinese restaurants.






Pao : I am alone, too.

When Shark Fin was cursing his fate that he cannot find his companion,

somebody who is white and circular shape come to speack to him,

saying he is all alone, too.

Shark Fin (Fukahire-san): You, dumpling wrappers, have lots of companions, don't you?

That's strange, as you can find lots of white and circular shape things in Chinese restaurants, like dumpling wrappers, which is a specialty of Pankichi-ken after all...

So, Shark Fin does not believe this person is all alone.

Pao : No, I'm not a dumpling wrapper.

But, this white and round person denies his relationship with dumpling wrappers.

Pao : I am Pao, a wrapper for Peking Duck.

His name is Pao. A pancake to wrap Peking ducks.

Oh my goodness. Poor Pao.

There is no hope that he will have a companion at Pankichi-ken.


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