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PANKICHI-KEN 15 : Means of delivery

PANKICHI-KEN 15 : Means of delivery

Shu-kun is an apprentice at Pankichi-ken.

He is training day and night to be a Master-Dumpling Chef like Gyoza Otoko one day.

Apparently, it's not easy to be an apprentice in culinary industry.

As apprentice, his duty includes a lot of chores, such as delivery.

When he is on a delivery mission, he goes on foot.

Wait,,, that's strange?

You know, most of delivery guys use bicycle or even motor bike these days.

Why he goes on foot?









Apprentice Shu-kun's duty includes delivery.

He goes delivery on foot every day, for a reason unknown.

That's quite unusual.

You know, most of delivery guys use bicycle or even motor bike these days.

Shu-kun : Boss, please! I need to cycle when I go delivery!

Pankichi : Why don't you use the one we have?

Apparently, Shu-kun doesn't want to go delivery on foot.

Pankichi says Shu-kun could use the one he has, but why he doesn't use it?

Shu-kun : That's not I want! I cannot go delivery on that!

That's a mono-cycle!

OMG! The one Pankichi has is a mono-cycle!

It's a little bit too dangerous to go delivery on a mono-cycle, isn't it?

Pankichi : One wheel is enough.

(ex-circus panda, Pankichi)

For an ex-circus panda, Pankichi, one wheel is necessary and sufficient.


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