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PANKICHI-KEN 10 : Pidan and Shark Fin

PANKICHI-KEN 10 : Pidan and Shark Fin

As you know, Pankichi-ken is a humble Chinese Restaurant specialised in Dumplings.

Their main target audience being local residents,

expected average spending per customer is not so high.

So, Chinese delicacies, such as Pidan or Shark Fin, are not really their thing.

However, Pankichi-ken does have such expensive ingredients in stock.






Pankichi-ken does not sell Pidan.

Though Pankichi-ken does not sell Pidan, they keep some Pidans in their stock.

It seems it is important for Pankichi to keep some Chinese delicacies in stock,

as a proud owner of a Chinese Restaurant,

As they are not used, a lot of Pidans are in stock.

It seems Pankichi decided to order quite a few Pidans.

It's good for Pidans, as they like to congregate!

Pankichi-ken does not sell Shark Fin, either.

Pankichi-ken does not sell Shark Fin, either,

but Pankichi keeps one in stock just in case...

Though they don't use him, he is alone.

Shark Fin (Mr Fukahire): Maybe because I am dried?

Poor Shark Fin.

Not being used, no further stock added, he is always alone in the storeroom...

Pidan and Shark Fin JP

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