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PANKICHI-KEN 1: Gyoza Suit

Pankichi-ken Manga 1

PANKICHI-KEN 1: Gyoza Suit

Gyoza Otoko - the head chef of PANKICHI-KEN

His specialty is, of course, Gyoza (Dumplings).

He cooks Gyoza every day.

By the say, there is a rumour that Gyoza Otoko is wearing a Gyoza Suit.

Is the rumour true?

One day, Pankichi discovers something rather disturbing..







Pankichi: Thank you for your hard work, today.

Gyoza Otoko: Likewise.

One day, after close of business at Pankichi-ken, the head chef, Gyoza Otoko, and the owner, Pankichi, are thanking each other for the hard work of the day.

Gyosa Otoko: May I take a bath before you?

Pankichi: Go ahead.

Gyoza otoko decides to take a bath first thing after work to get rid of the dirt and tiredness of the day.

Pankichi: Here, I will put your towel just outside of the bathroom.

Gyoza Otoko: Thank you.

Pankichi, though he is quite a cynical panda, is actually quite a good companion to live with. He kindly brought a towel for Gyoza Otoko and offers to put it outside of the bathroom while Gyoza otoko is taking a bath..

Pankichi: !!!!!!!

Then, Pankichi has found something!!!



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