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Chie san

Her name is Chie. She used to be an "OL" - abbreviation of Office Lady. Japanese word to address "Female office workers" - but unfortunately, made redundant some time ago, and now working for Pankichi-ken as a waiting staff.

Her secret dream is to become an "OL" again, which Pankichi thinks a bit weird. Why does she not simply apply for it, if she wants to be an "OL" that much, Pankichi wonders.

At the end of the day, she looks enjoying working at Pankichi-ken very much. It will be difficult to find such a nice job like this, surrounded by all these nice colleagues, interesting customers and above all, good food!!!

BY the way, she practices Yoga in her spare time, and her Yoga teacher is quite something. Hope we can introduce him in this website in near future.

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