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PANKICHI-KEN 28 : Policeman Hori's Investigation 2

PANKICHI-KEN 28 : Policeman Hori's Investigation 2

Having been wondering for some while, PC Hori finally started his own investigation to the mysterious "PANDA" and his Chinese restaurant.

Luckily, as the restaurant is a very casual and economical place where people can frequent for day-to-day meal, he just started to visit there as one of the customers...






Anyway, let's eat something. I need to pretend to be a customer.

PC Hori: Wow it's delicious..

PC Hori got a seat at Pankichi-ken.

Being inconspicuous is the key to a secret investigation - so he ordered some dumplings and started eating.

However, I must not forget to observe "HIM".

Pretending to be a customer, he sill keeps an eye on his target "the PANDA".

I'l visit the restaurant every time I've go a day off.

A key ingredient for a successful investigation is a perseverance.

He visits Pankichi-Ken every time he gets a day off.

We wonder maybe he doesn't have anything else to do... Maybe he doesn't have a girl friend...

Chie-san: The gentleman comes here very often these days.

Pankichi : Yes, he is a regular customer now.

(And he eats a lot)

OMG. It seems he has not being so inconspicuous after all.

Pankichi and Chie-san is very much aware of his existence now (as a good regular customer).



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