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PANKICHI-KEN 24 : Life as a Managing Director

PANKICHI-KEN 24 : Life as a Managing Director

Shacho-san (AKA Managing Director),

who is one of regular customers at PANKICHI-KEN,

is tipsy and sleepy as usual.

But, something which is not as usual will happen today...

Today, we are going to have a glimpse of how the life of MD should be..






A man : MD!

At PANKICHI-KEN, Shacho-san is tipsy and sleepy as usual.

But, what is not as usual is,,, an angry man stormed in to the restaurant today.

A man : No skiving! Please come back to the office NOW!

The mas is trying wake up Shacho-san to bring him back to the office.

OMG. It is still a time when normal MDs are supposed to be working in the office!

Shacho-san (MD) : You are in charge today, Senior Vice President.

A man : Oh.. he is hopeless...

Shacho-san, who is too tipsy and sleepy to go back to the office.

He so easily delegates his responsibility to the man, who he calls

"Vice Senior President"... that's sounds very senior!

End of : "MD and Senior Vice President" Game.

A man : Bye

Actually, the man who has come to wake up Shacho-san is just a neighbour,

who is playing a role of Senior Vice President in their game.



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