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PANKICHI-KEN 13 : PC Hori is confused

PANKICHI-KEN 13 : PC Hori is confused

PC Hori, newly assigned to this town.

He has been wondering about the mysterious Chinese Restaurant he encountered during his first patrol in the town.

Also, he has been wondering about the Panda who seems to be working there.

But, he cannot just keep wondering, he need to sort it out!

He decided to ask his senior about it..





PC Hori : Mr Cho, may I ask you a question?

PC Hori has decided to consult with his senior, Mr Cho.

PC Hori : It's about a Chinese Restaurant called "Pankichi-Ken"

Mr Cho : Oh, that restaurant.

Feeling a little bit nervous, he raise a topic of the Chinese Restaurant he saw during his first patrol.

A restaurant run by a PANDA...

Mr Cho : They do very good dumplings!

PC Hori : My question is not about their food...

It seems Mr Cho knows the restaurant very well,

and their signature dish is dumplings.

Mr Cho : The chef of that restaurant is a Dumpling!

PC Hori : I am even more confused...

Mr Cho happily tells him that the Master Chef of Pankichi-Ken, Gyoza Otoko,

is a "Dumpling", which makes poor PC Hori even more confused...



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