PANKICHI-KEN 6 : Ren Kosugi

PANKICHI-KEN 6 : Ren Kosugi

Ren Kosugi A man who loves China Spoons.

But, what on earth can you do with Chine spoons other than eating Chinese food?

レン小杉。 レンゲをこよなく愛する男。 でもレンゲって、モノを食べるのに使う以外に、使い道あったっけ?

Ren Kosugi

A man who loves China Spoons.

Ren Kosugi, a man who loves China Spoons, is holding one of his beloved China Spoons. What on earth is he up to?

He has invented a new game, "China Spoon Darts".

Oh! He has thrown the China Spoon!

Yes, as he loves China Spoons so much, he has invented a new game in which he can use China Spoons - that is "China Spoon Darts"

Chie: What are you aiming at?

Ren: That is..

But, what is he aiming at? Chie san asked a question.

Unlike the small arrows used in conventional Darts, Chine Spoons don't have needles.

Domburi Shifu.

Domburi Shifu: Well done.

Oh, it is Domburi Shifu!

The smaller the splash is, the points will be higher!


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