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PANKICHI-KEN 3 : Shacho-san's Dream

Shacho's Dream E

PANKICHI-KEN 3 : Shacho-san's Dream

Shacho-san (AKA Managing Director) is one of regular customers at PANKICHI-KEN.

He is drunk and fast asleep.

It seems he is dreaming. What is his dream like? Let's have a look at it.




Shacho-san is dreaming.

It seems Shacho-san (AKA Managing Director) had a little bit too much drink.

He has fallen asleep at the table in PANKICHI-KEN.

Hurray!!! JACKPOT!

OMG! He's hit a JACKPOT in his dream!

I've made a company!

Hurray, I am a Managing Director!

On the proceed, he has established a company and become a Managing Director!

Pankichi : So, actually, you are not a Managing Director, after all.

Shacho-san : Hurray.. Hurray..

His nickname is Shacho (社長 (Japanese) : Managing Director).

But Pankichi has been doubtful about this nickname is given to him based on the fact.

This dream confirms Pankichi's has been right.

Shacho's dream J


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