Delivery Box No. 1 and No. 2

17 Apr 2018


Pankichi-Ken - a Chinese Restaurant specialising in dumplings, where dishes are rotating on a belt conveyor and no chair for customers (except for one), so they enjoy the food and drinks standing, picking up what you want from the belt conveyor in a rather hectic environment.


Good news, though. Pankichi-Ken accepts delivery orders!


If you prefer enjoying Gyoza-otoko's glorious dumplings in a more relaxed environment, maybe sitting on a couch and watching television, that is a solution!


Here, we have delivery Box No.1 and No. 2. They are working with Shun-kun on their delivery mission. They will deliver piping hot Chinese dish to your living room!


Be careful, however, it seems No. 2 is a little bit lazy, and reluctant to do his job.  If you place an order when No. 1 is busy, you might experience some delay...




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