A Chinese Restaurant owned by an adorably cynical panda, PANKICHI.

This is where residents of Pidan Alley gather and enjoy their favourate dumplings.
Let's have a glimpse of their peaceful, everyday life.  

1 : Gyoza Suit
Is the rumour that Gyoza Otoko is wearing Gyoza Suit true?
2 : Gyoza Hat
One day, Gyoza Otoko asked Shu-kun why his is always wearing his Shumai hat?
3 : Shacho-san's Dream
Shacho san (AKA Managing Director) is drunk, fast asleep and dreaming.
4 : Mr Ra (aka Mr Chili Oil)
Mr Ra is always angry. Why is he so angry?
5 : Steamer Fairy
Steamer Fairy, the hidden sous-chef of Pankichi-ken.
6 : Ren Kosugi
Ren Kosugi - A man who loves China Spoons.
7 : Delivery Boxes
Delivery Boxes, No 1 and No 2 are working very hard every day!
8: Mr Burger
Mr Burger, who is apparently a Burger, loves Gyoza Otoko's dumplings.
9 : Gondolier
Pankichi is a mysterious Panda. Part of his past will be revealed?
10 : Pidan and Shark Fin
This is the first appearance of our friend, Pidan!
11 : Pao the pancake
Somebody round and white talks to Shark Fin. Who is he?
12 : Policeman Mr Hori
P.C. Hori has just been assigned to this town and sets out for the first patrol.
13 : Policeman Hori is confused.
Confused, Mr Hori asks a piece of advice from his senior, Mr Cho.
14 : Going Grey
Pidan is looking at himself in a mirror and does not seem very happy.
15 : Means of Delivery
Shu-kun's job includes delivery, but he always goes delivery on foot.
16 : Bob Terada
Bob Terada is a salesman but what on earth is he selling?
17 : Chie-san
Chie-san, a waiting staff at Pankichi-ken, has onother career ambition.
18 : Tamao-san
Tamao-san works at a bar near Pankichi-ken, and a very mysterious person...
19 : Gyoza Otoko's small wish
Gyoza Otoko - the Master dumplings. But, there is one thing he is unable to do.
20 : Chie's small wish
Chie san is taking a break and reading a magazine.
What is she reading?
21 : Shu-kun't hat
A round thing is sitting on Shu-kun's hat. What is it?
22 : Shu-kun's hat - 2
Chie-san decided to ask Shu-kun directly what is the round thing on his hat.
23 : Means of Delivery - 2
P.C. Hori feels someone is watching him..
24 : Life as a Managing Director
It is still mid-day, but Shacho san is already drunk and sleeping.
25 : Managing Director's Chair
Secret of the only one chair in Pankichi Ken.
26 : Banana LOVE
Unlike other conventional Pandas, Pankichi loves bananas.
27 : Policeman Hori's Investigation
P.C. Hori, starts an investigation of the Chinese Restaurant on his own...
28 : Investigation 2
P.C. Hori's ivestigation continues..
29 : Mr Ra is under the weather
Mr Ra is very quiet today. What happened to him?
30 : Ren Kosugi  2
Chie san is very interested in Mr Kosugi's exquisite hat.
31 : Mr Shark-Fin
Fukahire san (Shark-Fin) is lonely, as he doesn't have any companion...
32 : Pao the pancake - 2
Pao the Pancake's journey to be used in the restaurant continues..
33 : Delivery Box No. 2
Delivery Box No. 2 is a lazy guy.
34 : New Career?
Pao the Pancake is still searching for his right place.
35 : Domburi Shifu
"Domburi" is a Japanese word which means "Bowl".
36 : Shumai, glorious Shomai,
Gyoza Otoko, the master of dumplings, is not supposed to be interested in Shumai.
37 : Gyoza Belt
Pankichi Ken is "kaiten" conveyor belt Gyoza restaurant.
38 : Goldfish out of water
Oh my goodness! The fish has come out from water!!! Is he alright?
39 : His name is "Goldfish"
Hies name is "Goldfish". So, he has a name.
He is Pankichi's pet.
40 : Nose
Why Pankichi has a long nose?
41 : Identity Crisis
Pao the Pancake. His search for his right place continues...
42 : Usage of Bicycle
Disadvantage of having "kaiten" conveyor belt is high electricity bill...
43 : Forty winks
Domburi Shihu is taking a nap and hejust looks like a normal bowl.
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