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Shu-kun, the apprentice

Shu-kun is an apprentice cook and whose dream is to be a full-fledged Gyoza-chef like Gyoza Otoko one day.

Strangely, however, everybody who knows him cannot deny the similarity between his hat and Shumai.

One day, Gyoza Otoko pointed out the fact and Shu-kun tried to change his fashion. But it was not very good idea, as Shu-kun does not look like Shu-kun without his Shumai hat...

His hat is full of mysteries... bet we will find out more as the story goes on.

By the way, his duty at Pankichi-Ken includes delivery. At the moment, this delivery duty is a pain to him, as he has to do it on foot because Pankichi-Ken does not own a bicycle. Pankichi is adamant that 2 wheels are not necessary,,, because of his extraordinary ability.

So, his another dream is to persuate Pankichi to buy a bicycle for delivery. But, maybe it's easier to be a full-fledged Gyoza Chef and become free from delivery duty!

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