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April 2018 - Happy Easter

In 2018, Easter Sunday falls on April Fools day!

According to the information found on the Internet, Easter Sunday would be set on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox.

So I assume Jesus resurrected on a Spring Sunday, when the day time and night time are more or less the same, and nearly full moon.




As Pidans are originally eggs, they don't need to do dressing up, but some Pidans are very keen on party opportunities and dressing up an Bunnies!

ピータンは、もともとタマゴなので変装する必要はないのですが、なんとなくウサギさんに変装してみました。 このヒトたちは、パリピです。

Some others who are not such party people (or party Pidans) enjoy their cup of tea under Cherry Blossoms. As there are a lots of Pidans, there are a lot of different personalities, too.

And more importantly, April is the time people appreciate Cherry Blossoms in their full bloom. (Some people enjoy parting under the tree, too.)




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