January 1, 2019

1st Jan 2019 - Happy New Year again!!!

1st Jan 2018 - Happy New Year!!!

22nd March 2017 - New Episodes are added to Pankichi-Ken

22nd Feb 2017 - Pankichi-Ken now reached episode No 11

28th Jan 2017 - New Episodes are added to Pankichi-Ken

1st Jan 2017 - Happy New Year!!!


April 24, 2018

Tamao san - a mysterious person who works near Pankichi-Ken. 

Mr or Ms? That is the question. Only the Steamer Fairy knows.

Japanese language is very handy in such situation. You can use "san" for both male and female.

So, let's just call him/her "Tamao san".

That's necess...